Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What you should know about Tough Love...

I am a Reality TV Connoisseur...I prefer the word Connoisseur to junky because I can actually go without it. I swear. I thought I had seen it all. Survivor, Rock of Love, Flavour of Love, Real Chance of Love, I Love New York both seasons 1 and 2 and even..Yes...I have watched an entire season of Jersey Shore. But last night I was stopped dead in my tracks as I was in total awe of a new genre of Reality TV that managed to be cheesier than the Bachelor. The show is called "Tough Love". This "boot camp" for single women is designed to educate lovelorn women in their 30's on the art of "catching a man!" or correction..."finding true love". The show takes ten women on an enlightening journey of "learning about themselves" and how they appear to men. The women learn how to dress appropriately,how to carry on a "man worthy" conversation and about the respectable amount of time they should wait before bringing their tits and ass into the relationship.

Ok it sounds like a typical Reality TV dating show, but last night I was disgusted (being a woman in my 30's) with the school girl cheer leading that went on when one contestant (who was previously despised for bragging about posing in Playboy) came to a revelation that she was in fact in love. Upon hearing the news the other 30 somethings began to jump up and down, scream incoherently and hug each other. It was...It was as if someone had been pulled from the beneath a collapsed building in Haiti. As I watched this "joyous" moment I felt angry resentment. And not because I am overweight, single and seriously abused at my workplace. But I felt angry resentment because their "here comes the Savior" reaction to the news that a fellow single woman had a man was not only bad acting but an extremely crappy message to send to the world. The show or script feeds into the thinking...A man will come and save you. A penis is the answer to problems in your life,maybe even the world.

I mean really??? This is the message we want to send in 2010? The answer to life is a man, any man and his penis...

The group of women went wild as the extremely coiffed bug eyed host introduced the "man" who "loved" this single woman. Of course the group had questions about the how much do you love her? When did this happen? And where did you meet?

The "Man" walked in with a penis neatly stuffed in his black leather skinny pants. He smiled a lip gloss smile and batted his darkened eyelashes (Cover Girl Midnight Black- I would know that brand anywhere). His powdered face was perfect. His dyed black hair fell seductively into his pale face. Every so often he would even take his manicured hands to ever so slightly move a wisp of hair away. He welcomed the embrace of his single girl and even returned her squeeze. It was soooo obvious. At that moment it all became clear to me. A single girl epiphany. I am nothing without make up? No no no...I am nothing without a man...Even if he wears my size in clothing,or smaller. Even if we share make up. Even if we both wax.

I am nothing without his penis.

And as I watched the girls jump up and down, and the "man" respond to questions about their "love" as if he was responding to a cashier at Taco Bell,it all became so clear.

Where on earth would she be without this..."man"?

The moral of this post...Men,create shows like this to perpetuate stereotypes, to give these lies homes in the heads of women and this ultimately makes it true for women. A penis reality of sorts.

The reality is at the end of the day all men... even gay ones... want to ensure women will be readily available to suck their dicks.