Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sooo...Its been a while...

I have been away for two and a half months...Well not away away but away from myself. Every so often I escape the "Matrix" and go from drone to my birth right as a human being. Still I am finding my way, still I am getting "lit up" by the happenings of the world.And thankfully still I am here :)

Since I last bitched, confessed, blogged, purged whatever the world or the people in it rather have stayed true to their madness...

Lindsay Lohan has been to jail and rehab and released. I have never seen anyone so angry or upset about being foiled out of their own plans for suicide....Speaking of which, Fantasia Barrino's most recent accomplishments include surviving a willful pill overdose while sitting in a closet...While initially her management team dutifully stated the situation was not what it seemed sure enough...Fantasia proudly emerged boasting about her attempt to get it over with...I can't figure out if this is her way of campaigning for sympathy after being on the receiving end of a lawsuit from a woman whose husband she had been sleeping with. And good old Tiger, finally his wife has left. I can't imagine what he will tell his kids in years to come..."Daddy had a thing for loose vadge and STDS..."???

Anyway I have been reading some news...Well some Entertainment gossip too. Today I read about Madonna's Malawian daughter on Yahoo News. Basically the baby girl who was born to a dying 14 year old rape victim was adopted by Madonna in 2006. Now, surprise surprise a man claiming to be the "father" has come forward hoping to gain visitation rights to his child. A 26 year old man. Who in 2006 would have been 22. Who when he consummated his "relationship" with the young mother ( at the time she would have been 13?) he was 21...

I don't know whether he is dedicated to wanting to be a father or that dumb or looking to commit another offense. I can't imagine a normal 21 year old man wanting to ... "be with"...a 13 year old. In any country...It makes no sense to me.

Luckily the courts are not entertaining his claims and his request to see the little girl have been denied. While he claims to have thought the baby died along with her mother after the attack, I am still baffled by his..."Behavior" overall. Is he looking for a daughter or a date?

For once I stand behind Madonna 100%. I wish more people worked to keep children safe, inspired and loved.

Image: Yahoo News!
What a world....4 real.