Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't forget to TIP!

I am confused. If I sleep with a married man I can sue him? I don't get why all these mistresses are hiring lawyers? Can you file a grievance or complaint against your married lover? And if you willingly partake in the extramarital affair can you REALLY claim breach of "contract" or whatever?

I amsurprised by the way the term "affair" is used to refer to a blatant game of Spin the Penis or STD Roulette people have been playing. I guess things really ain't what they used to be. Now when a person has an extramarital affair you better hope there is only ONE person involved and maybe even a love child. Because it seems now a days your spouse could step out with a bus load of people. It is almost becoming common place.

My new concern is, I am now hearing the term "sex addict" more often. Dr. OZ did a show this week where he invited Dr. Drew to talk about "sex addiction" all in the midst of the Tiger Woods, Jesse James, scandals. Men who make John Edwards look like an angel may now be able to hide behind a convenient medical term.

I don't get it. Let's be real about this. If a person eats to much food, does society not label them as a slothful, gluttonous pig? If a corporate executive is paid an exorbitant amount of money and is wasteful with money at the same time, is he not a greedy, selfish pig? So I am keeping it old school when I say if a person cheats with multiple people simultaneously doesn't that make them a greedy, selfish, gluttonous, slothful pig? Why wouldn't society label them the same way? Shame them the same way.

Isn't it funny back in the days, when married men cheated it was often with one woman at a time. Often the men would pamper their mistress with gifts, clothes and dinners to make her happy. They would give something besides the promises of another night of "blissful sugar daddy" action. Now, I find the men are like little boys. They don't handle their business. They don't handle their women. They don't act like men.

I don't advocate cheating but really. Michelle McGee sold her story for $30,000.00. I made more than that as a customer service rep in a year. Ok fine it took me a year, I get the fast money thing but really? To mess up Sandra Bullocks marriage this girl only took thirty grand? To even, broke ass me, that sounds desperate. So I am thinking Jesse James the "vanilla gorilla" offered his magic stick and nothing else? He didn't even put this girl up in a nice place, buy her gifts or take her on a trip? He didn't even try to pamper her in some way as a gesture of good faith? And the same with Tiger? All that money and he didn't have his women on salary? It's no wonder these women are so ready to sell their vagina monologues. They are not only greedy but desperate for cash. Whatever their reason, wouldn't a married man in a high profile marriage (or not) make an effort to contain his mess? Hide his alternate life? Make it worth his mistresses while to keep her mouth shut?

We are heading into an era of celebrity men who believe their own press. Men who believe gold is found in their pants. Men who would risk their lives and the lives of their spouses for sex...with practically anyone. These men have no ethics, no instinct to protect their families, no regard for anyone or anything but their own penis.

It's a sad day and age we live in when a grown man would leave a long line of women or in these cases, sex workers with the bill unpaid. My advice to cheaters (male or female) is to sponsor your affair.Make it worth their while. Give every time you receive. And don't forget to TIP!