Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food Or Not Food?

Source: - The KFC Double Down Waddler...

A dear college friend, Lish, for those of you who read on the regular sent me this article today. I was appalled. Yes all triple X double X pounds of me was in shock. I am a larger girl. My big is not what I consider beautiful. Although in this world there are women who are not small per say and they are absolutely healthy and gorgeous. If you haven't guessed my weight is not from sucking on a Popsicle. I LOVE food sometimes too much. And while I am a girl that will bake brownies with my perfect brownie pan and add a lil' Reeses Peanut butter cups...Wha? Don' judge me! LOL. On the inside, I do understand it is wrong .Even I can recognize (just like a professional cheerleader) when to say when.

So Lish sends me this article and I see the pic above and instead of salivating my body tenses, my arteries tighten and my heartbeats just that bit harder, so I can really feel it beat, as if to say to me " Let's keep living".

I love food. But this is not food. Even on my worst premenstrual day this would not be considered food. Sometimes I look at fast food and it has about as much appeal as would a plate of melted Tupperware. The article entitled "Is fat fare at fast foods going too far?" lists other caloric abominations sold at fast food chains. I marveled and faught nausea as I read on.

There is the:

Burger King: Meat'normous Omelet Sandwich
2 eggs
1 sausage patty
2 slices of ham
3 slices of bacon
2 slices of American cheese
1 Toasted Bun

Fifth Third Field Sundae called the "Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze "

15 scoops of ice cream + toppings of your choice.


Fifth Third Field Burger
5 hamburgers in one
5 slices of cheese
1 cup of chili
nachos chips with cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.
8 inch buns ( contain a pound of dough) Source:

The Canadian Food regulation laws differ from the United States. Plainly put, in Canada we are not permitted to eat these type of things. It's not a societal norm and our government , while we still are served up junk, monitors what ingredients are in our products to some extent.

Though I still consider that both America and North America on a whole are under attack. Forget about planes, bombs and war heads. The killer is the North American food industry. The attack is on our diet and the battle is right at home.

At the end of the day, this is not food. And why I would need 15 scoops of ice cream at a baseball game is beyond me. Some say the Fast Food industry is laughing at the calorie counters. I say the Fast Food industry is working for Osama.

What better way to incapacitate a civilization then to poison them and have them do it themselves? Forget about the astronomical calorie and fat count of these menu items and think about the real history that is being made.


It's Wednesday in April. Toronto Canada is the location. It is Spring. I am not writing this from an igloo or tent. I am a Canadian born and raised. I am black and I do live and work in a modern building. That was for those of you who may not be aware of how similar Canadian weather, environment and cities are to other North American cities. The difference lies in our attitudes, education and respect for multiculturalism, which to be honest I am proud of.

Anyway, today was crap ass because...JUST BECAUSE. I woke up early but ended up leaving late. The super is entering my place today and it BUGS me. Having people around my things when I am not there DRIVES ME NUTS. I have not been feeling well for a few days and need time. But there is none, apparently. My cable box "corrupted" itself while " updating data...Or that's what the nice young man on the phone told me. I now need to go to the cable store and change the box.

I need to do my taxes. I need to go to the bank. I need sleep. Can you tell?
Anyway so I am sitting at work awaiting 9:30 so I can start a meeting I chair that I don't really want to. I am listening to the morning chatter that floats through our open office. An office where a girl told me about my face but no witnesses heard...That's another story. I like morning chatter. It's a natural part of the day. At times parts of conversations will catch you off guard.

Today I heard " how many girls got pregnant at your high school?". A manager of a department was asking her staff. They started thinking back and tallying numbers.
They began to discuss. As they discussed the Manager went on to mock the women who in her day had had children young. I am not advocating getting pregnant in high school. I just happen to know that the woman going on about the matter is approaching 50, is divorced, has no children and sleeps with her dog.

I saw in life once again an age old truth. What you detest may be what you desire. What you denounce may be your truth. And it is only when you sit outside of a conversation or situation that you see what is truly at work for someone else. It is so hard to have this clarity with oneself without using all the powers of your mind

So I listened to this dog lover who thinks of her animals as CHILDREN , as she went on about girls who had babies in high school. Which by the way would have been back in 1962.


I can read that a mile away.

I will never understand how human beings can walk by another human laying on the street with no food or shelter and then turn around and cry for an animal found with no owner. Or how a child can be abused and it is someone else's problem but a dog is in a dog fight and it's worth incarcerating a man. I am not advocating animal extinction or violence. But I have always been perplexed by this double standard. That a human life and an animal life are at par in value. And that some human life is worth less than a dog. In the eyes of God, ideally, I guess they are. But realistically in life, that's just not how it is.

I dunno these are the ramblings of a very premenstrual woman on a rainy day so bear with me. But don't you ever think about how the animal shelter infomercials and the feed the children infomercials look the same? And how people actually have to CHOOSE which they will support? Where as if we helped the poor, sickly, have nots around the world we would then be able to focus on helping animals too?

In a new show "who do you think you are" footballer Emmitt Smith traced his family history. He found his great great grandmother was a slave. It was hard to pinpoint her kinship or why she remained with the family that she did but through deductive thinking it was established she was most likely the offspring of a well known slave owner in the area. He had left her in his will to his son, her half brother. The half brother kept her on. While her information was a foot note in the will, the details regarding a mule, saddle and other worldly possessions were clearly documented. It was said , at the time, the acquiring of a slave person was considered less important than the acquisition and inventory keeping of animals or things.

I have been subject to that attitude, experienced them...I guess having been given the "opportunity" to be treated that way opened my eyes in a sense. Or changed my vision. Either way, dare I say? I do not feel an animal life is of equal value to a human life.