Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Deeply Stepped In It...Easy Tiger!

Today Tigers "Wood"(we all know how he is now;) gave a press conference to apologize for playing Russian Roulette with his genitals, his life, his wife's life and ultimately the lives of his children. The 14 minute long apology was in fact very sad and pathetic. I was torn between being touched that he was admitting his faults and infidelities to the world and I was partly thinking this is really egotistical who the hell cares, you owe your wife and your children and this is not what press conferences are about...Unless you are a politician.

I cringed to hear Tiger attempt at making an apology that a) was not for me and b) he really didn't mean, but I guess that is what losing endorsement money will do. Obviously Tiger's PR people have gone into overtime damage control and are trying to salvage what endorsements they can. They probably figure after an apology and a few months have passed Tiger will be considered reformed and profitable again.

In his speech which can be viewed at Tiger makes attempts to chastise the Paparazzi ( who have divulged the location of his children school apparently). I kept thinking really Tiger, is this the time and place? I mean Tiger you are holding a press conference with THE WORLD to admit that playing spin the bottle or whatever with AIDS is not such a good idea when you are a) married and b) the very high profile father of young children...Is now the BEST time to bring up the things that "irk" you about the media who have been in your life for almost a decade at the very least?

I kinda liked the fact Tiger apologized publicly because as a woman I felt it gave cheating men something to think about, an example and it showed that our world is a global community and we all have our part to do in maintaining ethical and responsible citizenship. But the other part of me thought about how horrible this was for his wife (who was allegedly forced to beat his ass with golf clubs when she heard the news)and his children.

Somehow I can't help but think if Tiger would stop focusing on himself and more on his home life things would be different... But I guess Tiger / his people figured that holding a press conference would maybe not solve the actual problem but would keep the cash coming...Putting Tiger back in the public's light and again who cares about his wife and children? Because in the limelight Tiger is right at home.

Watch Tiger grovel on

Take a look at the full transcript of the Tiger Woods show / apology.