Friday, April 9, 2010

Adoption Give Backs...


An American woman named Torry Hansen, put her 7 year old adopted son Artyom Savelyev (Justin Hansen) on a plane back to the country she adopted him from, Russia.

This incident has gained attention world wide sparking Russian officials to debate whether or not to freeze adoptions for Americans.

Torry Hensen claims the boy was violent, psychiatrically unstable and had threatened to burn the house down with her and her family in it. Artyom says his American "mother" was bad and pulled his hair often. I guess it's safe to say the two didn't get along.

Regardless of their issues can people adopt a person, a child, and " return" them like a pair of pants?

This woman put the boy on a plane with her mother to Washington. From Washington they put the boy on a 10 hour flight to Russia with a note saying she" no longer wished to parent the child". To her, in her mind it was all that easy. The boy landed where he was met by a man whom Hansen hired for $200 to take the boy to Russian Social services.

It is rumored Hansen has already begun to seek adoption of another child, through a different agency from a neighbouring Russian country.


I am sorry for this boy and the hardships he's had to endure. Instead of working with him and loving him through his issues this woman ( who obviously saw him as not worth much more than a pet) believed that she could send him back with a note citing "reason being : defective".

Because this woman is that ignorant, I truly believe she did the boy a favor. The damage she has inflicted now may take years to heal if ever, but the damage she would have done had she tried to "parent" I think would be far worse. Imagine being parented by someone who had about as much intelligence as a rock.

My heart goes out to this boy. I never understood why people think having kids is a right and not a blessing. Why people think they are entitled to children and will have as many as they like regardless of the childs quality of life. I find very few actually consider the childs quality of life when deciding to have children. I usually hear, " I want" selfish statements about what their child will do, wear or look like. Even celebrities adopting children makes me cringe. I fear foreign children are the latest handbag.

Sometimes you have to wonder the motive behind raising children or if the parents plan to work at raising children at all. And this situation speaks to my point. This woman went to the extent to fly to Russia meet the boy and adopt him only to realize he doesn't laugh, roll and jump the way she would like. So what does she do? Return him like a pair of shoes that are too tight. She doesn't seek help from the Government or community groups. She sends him back, shaping his little soul even further, on a plane with a note.

This makes me wonder...If this is her last good bye what was a day with her like?

Torry Hansen is under investigation for child abondonement. The boy who was checked by medics in Russia, he has bruises and scrapes on his body as old as three months. The boy will be placed with a diplomat Russian family who has already raised two orphan children.

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