Saturday, February 27, 2010

The "Future" Looks ...STUPID

I read it and ignored it...But it keeps popping up in headlines so I figured I would take my internal "ARE YOU FUCKING FOR REAL?!" and blog it out.

The University of California San Diego had announced they would consider recommendations made by the Black Student Union. Later someone tied a noose and hung it from the school library...

If a picture is a thousands words...How much is the equipment?

Instead of sending a text a female student at the school sent a message that was far more clear. She hung a noose from a bookcase in the school library...During Black History Month...After the school had decided to work on racial tolerance and had announced this fact to the student body.

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The noose message was received with an impromptu protest of racial intolerance. Recently the school's racial climate had come into question by the student body and there have been many talks and recommendations made to correct what some students felt was a problem.

So in this climate a student happens to hang a noose on school property?

In finding out what she did was an actual CRIME the student began to back peddle stating she too is a from a minority group, and that she had made the noose as a JOKE accidentally leaving it behind in the school library after an innocent day of studying...She "apologized" for people thinking a noose appearing in the school library was racial.

I know these jokes...They are the ones where people turn to me and say "that was funny I mean you guys are like that right?" Or "that was funny you know it's true."
When I don't laugh along, well I become the problem, or wrong or I have no humor. I mean what is the "n word"? What is a noose?

Take a look at the students "apology" courtesy of the University of California San Diego Guardian (click on the image to read the article):

Let me tell you what a noose means when hung in an environment where race is the current topic of discussion.-