Saturday, March 27, 2010

I wonder...About Miley.

It's Saturday and I have been lazy as hell. I am doing one of my favorite things right now, which is par oozing for headlines. As I read today's online news I wonder...

So Miley Cyrus is a young girl and people blasted grown ass Jamie Fox for taking a shot at her but really...I wonder. Does Miley Cyrus know she can't sing? Or act? or anything? I know she was on American Idol as a "mentor". But I think her experience would relate better to a girl being pimped, maybe someone who is in Marketing? Maybe she could talk to Wonderbread slices about how they feel their campaign is going?

I feel like Billy Ray knows pop culture and so does his little girl.And he pimps I mean "helps" her along to make their new money grow. Although she's not talented they had enough money to front a new pop culture business, the Miley Brand. Without her fathers money she would be an American Idol cast off. Life is soo funny. But now she is a singer? Actress? Teen Idol?

I just wonder does she actually know she can't sing or is she living her denial?

According to ( which is a title my employers would use to refer to me) Miley is quoted as saying:

"Every career thing I do can't be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong.I always say the minute I stop making mistakes is the minute I stop learning, and I've definitely learned a lot."

...Well...I am guess she's learning something but honestly I wish less of her learnin's would be public. Watching her at times is painful.Trying to avoid watching her is tedious. And to hear she is not a fan of Canadian JUSTIN BIEBER...Well that's outright BULL. It must be hard to stand on stages as a singer with people who can actually sing. Maybe Miley can learn that.

Know what's weird? If you Google Miley Cyrus photos...You will find a lot of poses like this:

WTF? She's jail bait! Oh what a world we live in...4 real.