Wednesday, February 24, 2010

France: Ad Meant to Shock Teen Smokers. Got a Light???

Courtesy of: BBDP & Fils Website

The caption reads "Smoking means being a slave to tobacco."

The ad was created (pro-bono) by French advertising agency BBDP & Fils. The intention was to curb smoking by teens...

While we know sex sells and will stop any human being in their tracks, isn't there a time and place?

Likening a minor smoking a cigarette to a minor giving a grown man fellatio doesn't seem like much of a deterrent.

Many kids today don't consider oral sex a "bad" thing, in fact many don't even consider oral sex - sex...And what does being a "sex slave" have to do with being addicted to nicotine?

We live in a world where child pornography is on the rise, in some places tweens have "Rainbow parties" and exchange jelly bracelets to signify sex acts they performed and a good number of people including teens consider oral sex the safe choice.

So was this the best way to make a point?
Did this capture the attention of many?
Who came up with this idea?

I understand the need for creative cutting edge advertising. In this day and age sometimes you need to shock people into the facts. But this ad did not make a point outside of the fact that is has alerted us to the fact a group of pedophiles/ad men met a few months ago, discussed this "idea" and found ways to make it "OK" to the mainstream,ultimately validating their perverse fantasies.

This ad may have captured the attention of many but not for the right reasons. I didn't even think of the health risks of smoking when I saw the ad...I just thought IS THIS LEGAL?

France's Family Minister has called for the ads to be banned.

The ad campaign leaders admit the ads were meant to shock and believe this is the ONLY way to reach young smokers.

I guess the intent was to have young smokers switch from nicotine to 69's? To have teens say "heck no!" I won't smoke if smoking is like oral sex! Of course that's it.


This ad doesn't even speak to the long term affects of smoking...on your health.

I challenge the creators of this "ad" to whip it out and to ask (parents)Does anyone got a light???