Friday, March 19, 2010

Jesse James has Sex with Raw Sewage...

Rarely do I blog twice in one day but this week the shit has literally been hitting the fan. From Tiger Woods porn star wannabe text messages, to the end of Sandra Bullock's marriage shit keeps falling down, like rain, this week.

I thought I was done with the Jesse James cheated thing. I discussed the ethical and moral dilemmas of cheating with everyone I knew, from co workers to friends. We agreed the Tiger Woods mistress ( or one of them) and this Michelle McGee were ...Well looking for a quick buck and unscrupulous women.

And then... I went to one of my guilty pleasures...TMZ and saw these photos....

This mother of two has a "W" and a "P" tatooed on her body...allegedly these stand for "White Power"...

Jesse James stuck his penis in this... While Sandra Bullock, his wife, was helping him fight for custody of his children.

I know they say you can't tell when a person has an STD...But come on!

It's not the tattoos, its not the fact she has zero ethics, its not the fact she's an opportunist. It's the fact that she is sewage. Raw, untreated human sewage. I will never understand why a man would cheat with a woman who does not hold even a quarter of the womanhood or character of the woman he is supposed to be committed to. And to add insult to injury, the cheating male would risk bringing home disease to his wife, the matriarch of his family.

Michelle McGee answers a question many were wondering, but could not find the words... Would a man fuck raw sewage if he could? Would Jesse James?

The answer is ..."yes".

I understand why Sandra moved out immediately. It is one thing to cheat. It is another thing to risk the health of another human being. To endanger a person with careless intent.

4 real.

Too Ghetto or NOT too Ghetto...That is the question.

Sophia Maldonado, a 26 year old artist was given the opportunity to paint a mural in New York city's Time Square. Maldonado, originally born in Puerto Rico, decided to paint this...

Take a closer look...

... See the art? And do you see the debate?

While Maldonado is extremely talented her artistry, even if it is true to life, this is yet another validation of racial stereotyping people like myself try to avoid daily. Although the artist says this is a depiction of the Latin and Afro- American women you don't see in the tourist area of 42nd street New York, that these are the women who live in the Burroughs, why would anyone want to depict those women in a manner that highlights the negative aspects of their lives?

Saggy breasts, droopy eyes, legs wide and welcoming, clothes disheveled... Let me put it this way. Shitting is a part of life. Some people suffer from hemorrhoids. There could be a hemorrhoid epidemic in North America as we speak... It's a part of life. But we don't often see images, pictures, paintings or graffiti posted in public areas highlighting the fact that assess catch fire.

Maldonado is talented yes, but she has been subject to the same deeply routed, self hatred, racism, sexism and objectifying thoughts we all have. It shows in her art.

Some people have commented they would rather see Latin and Afro- Americans portrayed like this than holding briefcases. A picture of a swollen rectum is better than none?

Maldonado needs to use her talents for good. To shed light on the beauty of these women and not focus on how society has labeled Latin and Afro- Americans in the past. I want to support this young artist in her freedom of speech but I cannot support ignorance. These images look like the wet dream of a bigot. What a waste of talent...4real.

Check out to read about how some are really trying to validate this ghetto bigotry as art.