Thursday, March 4, 2010

Couple 'Escapes' Parenthood via the Internet ...Child Dies.

Dark Side Post: Be warned.

Sometimes I come upon more serious headlines and debate whether I should blog about it or not. But the point of this blog is for me to get out my thoughts about things that are happening in this world now.

I was confused when I saw the headline on reading " Police: Couple nurtured virtual child while real baby starved". I didn't get it, so I read the article.

Apparently a couple in Seoul allowed their baby to starve to death over the course of several months while they spent their time at the internet cafe playing parents in a virtual game...

Seoul, Korea has the highest level of broadband service in the world. Internet cafes have flourished and internet addiction is becoming more apparent in Seoul.

The couple became addicted to the online world of Prius, where they raised a magical child online only heading home to feed their human child once a day.

Once the child was found dead and the police identified why, the couple went on the run. Finally captured after five months the man 41, and woman 25 will be prosecuted.


Often people will say that part of being an adult is to marry and have children. I was always opposed to this socialized message because I felt I should want to do these things with my heart of hearts. I didn't want to do what you are "supposed" to without really thinking it through.

To me children are precious, not accessories to my life or just what I am supposed to do as a female human being. It is news articles and instances similar to these that reinforce my belief. Not everyone should be a parent.

I cannot express my sadness for this child and the man and woman who created her and neglected her life. God bless this child and all the children that are not being loved as they should be.

It just makes me so sad. I don't understand it.


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