Saturday, March 6, 2010

D'Angelo Tries to Purchase Some 'Brown Suga'...

This is a headline that makes me say "OH LORD" and immediately I think is this for real? WHY ON EARTH would D'Angelo have to pay for sex? IT'S D'ANGELO or Michael Eugene Archer by birth! Chunky or not (I hear he put on a few pounds) I think my love for him is eternal. I am pretty sure there are about 100,000 more females still ooohing and ahhing to "Your my lady" wishing they were in fact THE ONE. And the "How does it feel video"??? Also known as "Untitled". You know why? Cause words cannot express the lovin' that D'Angelo can create with just his songs.

What am I on about? You're probably wondering.

R n B singer D'Angelo, hit maker of the love makin' classics "Your my lady" and
"Brown Suga" was arrested for soliciting sex from a prostitute...But wait...She turned out to be a cop.

Although D'Angelo was riding with $12,000 in his pockets he only offered the "prostitute" $40.00 for oral sex.

(blink blink)(blank stare)

I guess that's why the female cop arrested him. I know she wanted to give it up;)

Regardless this is one of those things that just don't make sense. With his R n B classic hits D'Angelou would NEVER have to pay for it again. Does anyone remember the video how does it feel? WE OWE HIM! Someone needs to let him know.

D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel)
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Video Source:Daily Motion