Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best "I Love You's" Ever.

A co worker recommended I watch Monique's Golden Globe acceptance speech. She had seen watched the Golden Globes and seemed moved by Monique. I have been watching Monique for years had never really found her "moving" but I noticed the cord she struck with people as the weeks went by. I kept hearing people say " Have you seen Monique's speech?". So I thought today, I would take a look.

I saw Monique walk to the stage looking beautiful as usual. While Monique is a larger woman her beauty trumps the beauty stereotypes.She is the opposite of what women are told a woman should be. She is big, she is black and she is out spoken or better yet she speaks up ( a quality rewarded in men). I heard pain, appreciation, fatigue and disbelief in Monique's voice as she began to "Thank God" in what I can only describe as sincerity (something rarely seen in acceptance speeches). Her beautiful face contorted as the words poured from her heart. Her spirit spoke in those moments. Her soul, her humanity, stood before the world and she gave herself. Speaking to God first and then appealing to the hearts and souls of fellow human beings... there is no other way to say it. It was captivating. She said," First let me say thank you god for this amazing ride you are allowing me to go on."

And then, she did it. Wiped the remainders of my skepticism away from my face. She told a story about when she was 14...It was the best "I Love You" I have ever heard.
Now, let me break this down. My background is single mom, divorced parents, city living. My life philosophy is nothing on this earth last forever, including relationships. Even if forever is filed down into a neat 70 to 90 year lifetime, whatever you have will be a had because it won't last.

I believe in love. I believe it has it's time and place. I believe the heart wants what it wants and so not every love will aspire to "forever" because not every love is meant to. Not everything has to last throughout your days. I believe in life, nothing, if not for very few things will. Love is not an exception to this rule. Love is fleeting, it can build a home, it can start a war and it will always end. So when I hear words spoken that (to me) encompass the true act of love, the true meaning, words that show the very definition of love I make note.

Monique's "I love you" was one of the best I ever heard.

She said," I am in the midst of my dream and when I look into the eyes of the man I stood next to at 14 years old,and I said to him,'One day we are going to be stars'. And he said " you first". And we walked this red carpet here together tonight, Sidney I love more than you would ever know baby."

It was that anecdote that spoke LOVE. It was the "You first" that was the preset to her I love you more than you would ever know. Sappy? I know. But that is love. Love is that selflessness, giving, wanting better or more for someone else before yourself.

That conversation those two 14 year olds had...That was love. That was unconditional, no pretense, just pure good will and all heart. It was nice to see Monique on that stage, it was even nicer to witness a person share love like a human being who was speaking as if only God was her witness.

Other Good "I Love You's"

Twilight- Edward Cullen tells Bella " You are like my own personal brand of heroine."

No I didn't smoke any. I really felt that line.Maybe because I am a choco-addict? Anyway, it was a good way of saying, I love you so much it fills me...In a non-pyscho way.

Oprah's Kick Off Party

The Black Eyed Peas performed "I Got a Feeling" for Oprah and 20,000 + fans.

The show was amazing and was the biggest display of unconditional love among people I have ever seen.

The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling- Flash Mob-
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