Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vatican: The devil made us do it?


I was reading about the Catholic church and child molestation allegations...Or rather the child molestation cover ups that have been made public in the last little while...Again. Recently it was found a Catholic priest who had molested children in the 1980's was found to still be working with children to this day. While the Church was aware of the abuse they opted to reassign the priest to another parish and did not decided to ignore the no children mandate.

Like a workplace the Catholic church needs to get it together. So now, one of the top Catholic Excorcists is offering up what he believes is a feasible explanation for some of these child molestation cases...
The devil made the child molesting priests do it...


The Exorcist went on to tell Cnn," Nothing occurs without the permission of God, and he allows even holy people, even saints, to be possessed by the devil," he said.

I don't want to blaspheme but I just have to say this...The Catholic Church has officially displayed the beginning stages of dimensia. From this point on the little credibility they had left is gone, much like the innocence of the young children that have been abused by the hands of these "religious" priests.

The best he could come up with is, the devil's temptation and God's permission?" It is this attitude of nonchalance and entitlement as "God's messengers" that allows this group of pedophiliac priests to continue their rein of holy terror.

God help us all.

4 real.