Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone in 60 Days...

I blogged about the seductive movements of two teachers who lap danced for the student body about two months ago. To take a look at the lap dance which was caught on a cell phone camera by a STUDENT in the audience click here.

In just a minute these "educators" managed to ruin their careers tarnish the school name and make sex about appealing as cheeze whiz on socks.

Now it's 60 days later and both teachers have been removed from the school. Immediately suspended after the event, the female teacher sought sick leave and has resigned effective June 2010. She will not be back in the classroom anytime soon her resignation may not be effective for two months but she will remain on paid sick leave until then.

The male teacher was suspended no pay and was fired, he was on contract and that obviously was not renewed.

While some debate as to whether these teachers would have been suspended if a student had not caught their bump n grind on camera,regardless of the reasoning, I am glad that a standard has been set.