Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Six Fernandez Writes Instructions on Cheating...

A well to do visitor was kind enough to direct me to the latest and greatest relationship book. "The Official Women's Guide On How A Man Should Cheat" by Six Fernandez. Maybe it was Six herself who left the comment about her book, either way I appreciate knowing "literature" like this is out there because it makes me think,"Are you fucking for real?".

I admire Six's entrepreneurial savvy. Writing a book on a taboo topic, a heated topic and about how to cheat the system of monogamy is pretty clever, even if I think it's stupid. I see the $$$ value in it. Heck, I am blogging about it. So mission accomplished Six! You got some buzz! Without reading this book I can safely say it's not worth the read. I disagree with the title so I would be less likely to purchase the book much less even open it for free.

I did check the Six Fernandez website . You are generating traffic Six!Here, let me help you. So "insightful" and "witty" "how to" excerpts from this, are posted on Six's website. Check out the intro to a world of cheating "wisdom":

Congratulations, you purchased the book. Whether you feel you're a rookie or an old pro (and can use no pointers when it comes to cheating) it doesn't really matter. Even if you have cheated 100 times or never at all you will be able to take something away from this book that will improve your game!

I am not sure if there is an exact science to cheating; however through the pages of this book you will be able to avoid most of the silly little things you men do that get you caught time and time again. I, as well as many of the other women I’ve surveyed feel the offense is not the act of cheating, it's the confirmation and the fact that our men cheated and got caught that causes the problem.

Let's talk about why you men cheat in the first place. One of the main issues is that women don't know their place. Women have too much mouth, and too little respect. We cling, we whine, we bitch, we are never satisfied, and quite frankly we talk entirely too much!

Us women always gotta have the last word, always wanna argue, never wanna let an issue go, and always gotta be right.


Yea...Uh...Yea. I don't know why men cheat or why anyone cheats. I have always thought its has to do with lack of ego and respect (for oneself and their partner). A person who respects themselves doesn't run or hide from their own actions. A person who is confident doesn't apologize or lie about what they feel they need to do. So in my eyes a cheater is a person who needs their ego stroked and lacks respect for what they are and have. Cheating is what it is. An STD waiting to happen.

As for Six's depiction of women and our "contributing" factors to men cheating...Well I think her characterization speaks to the woman she is. I won't reduce my womanhood, spirituality and person to a list of negative traits that cause 4 inches of the weakest part of the male anatomy to seek out other warm places to hide.

Cheating is what it is. Low self esteem,lack of respect and cowardice. I hope Six follows this book up with "Instructions on How to Cheat an STD". That would be more useful.

It's 2010 people. Cheating is for kids. Be honest, be real. Don't marry or commit if you can't respect your relationship, your partner and more importantly if you lack the self confidence to respect yourself.