Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hot Coals of Confidence?

Flipping through headlines...Sandra Bullock is being asked to return her Razzie award...Larry King may or may not be divorcing... Rapper Guru has passed...Rest in peace brother man. And then I see an article on Yahoo entitled "Indian Pupils Walk on fire" so of course I have to click on it.

A school camp in India offers confidence building training to pupils ages nine to 14. How does one build confidence as a child you ask? Well of course...They WALK ON HOT COALS or Broken Glass.

This age old tradition was practiced with 80 students none of whom sustained injuries according to the article.

...Whatever happened to playing sports? Or a pat on the back?

I guess if I walked on shards of glass I would probably feel like A PIMP! or something...

watch a clip of adult hot coal walkers at