Monday, March 29, 2010

"I am a Fortunate Gay Man"???

Ricky Martin says he's gay. Actually what he's been quoted as saying was, he's a "fortunate" homosexual.


Whatever Ricky. Fortunate because you played "He bangs SHE bangs" to all the women in the world to make your doe. Funny, why do gay affairs stay quiet but hetero ones don't? Things that make you go hmmmm???? I mean you don't see Rosie or Ellen or Elton John, not even George Michael with a line up of ex lovers clamoring to sell their tales of golden showers to the public. There is something to be said for Ricky Martin keeping this under wraps.

Now a father of twin boys, who were birthed via surrogate, Ricky is thanking his stars he can be "himself".

But really? Wasn't it pretty obvious before?

Is it a coincidence Ricky decided to be himself amidst the cheating and philandering headlines? This is a ploy to reveal himself during a tumultuous time in entertainment news which will a) avoid scrutiny over his sexuality because we are all busy thinking about Tiger and Jesse James or make the gay community look phenomenal because they don't have a Tiger or Jesse James. Either way this "coming out" was definitely planned. Instead of his conscience saying its time...I sense it had more to do with a cell phone call from his PR team.

I mean really...Ricky Martin is gay?! Was there ever a doubt?

4 real.