Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogger Blogs Openly About Her Abortion...

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Wow... So I blog. I understand the need to tell the world how you feel or to tell no one in particular how you feel but in a global setting.

Angie Jackson is a fellow blogger. She's online day in day out letting her feelings flow. Upon finding out she was pregnant, this woman decided to tweet and blog about the abortion experience. At 4 weeks pregnant Angie Jackson opted to take RU486 (an abortion pill) and document the entire experience online.

Already a mother Jackson thought it was important to address this taboo topic while in the public eye. And of course it has nothing to do with her writing a book, or being a blogger or wanting some sort of notoriety...Of course not. It all happens to be a coincidence...

Ms. Jackson has an IUD that failed her and her boyfriend. After already giving birth to one child she has come to find that pregnancy, in her case is life threatening. Rather than just take the abortion pill behind closed doors, she has opted to "liberate" herself and other women by openly discussing the passing of a human life or the passing of a potential of human life .


I am pro-choice. I believe women should have the right to do whatever they feel is best in their life for their bodies...I just don't think celebrating abortion regardless of the circumstances is something we as a society should be accustomed to. While a zygote may not look like a human...It is. And although a million and one things can happen naturally that could stop that zygote from becoming a fetus...And then stop that fetus from seeing the light of day...When one of those million and one things does occur, it is not a time to rejoice.

I am not saying women who have had abortions should run and hide. I don't think women who have had abortions should be ashamed (unless they are using abortion as a form of birth control...that's just DUMB).

But I want to know. Why can't we live in a world where we are working to build tolerance and respect for human life? Rather than working to desensitize ourselves to it.

While there is something to be learned scientifically from watching, capturing, documenting the experience of having an abortion, this is not an instance where we should be burning bras, rejoicing and walking topless, talking about women's liberation. This is not a platform or issue that allows us as women to feel advanced, as this blogger, Jackson, soon to be author, would have you believe.

I sense her venom masked as conviction, which you can see in her interview with, is a mask. A mask used to cover up her desire for notoriety and her shame of that desire. Ashamed not because she had an abortion, but because she was willing to show the world she thought so little of human life, thought so little of the blessing inside of her, that she would give abortion as much thought as gum on her shoe and all for a potential book deal.

We as women have the right to bed who we please, to protect our lives, our health and yes have an abortion when we think it is best. But we should also reserve the right to respect human life regardless of of the circumstance.

and that's for real.

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