Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona and the Racist people that live there...


It's 2010 and the world seems hardly removed from the Dark Ages. The way things our going on our "civilized" world I get the sense we only learned to walk upright yesterday. The things people do to one another in life is one thing but to know our governing bodies, "leaders" and "protectors", you know those that have taken oaths, jobs and made promises to be better...Turn out to be some of the most bile disgusting regressed human beings ever lived.

I have been away for a "minute" but I'm bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccck. Just read up on Arizona. All I can say is WHAT THE FUCK? As a black woman I often empathize if not identify with adversity, racism and other 'minorities'. To hear that Arizona has passed a bill SB1070 which I think stands for "STUPID BULLSHIT" make me sad.

Arizona has an immigration problem. Many people are immigrating illegally. To curb this problem first the government thought of building a wall. Arizona borders on Mexico making it an easy move. The wall idea never made it. Instead...a bill was passed basically stipulating anyone who looks like an illegal immigrant CAN be stopped by the police to verify their American citizenship.

Did "leaders" of the free world really think this up? Giving police carte blanche to accost any citizen sounds like a good idea? And in a State that REFUSED to celebrate Martin Luther King Day until it was boycotted by the NFL's Superbowl?

According to an online article California Leads Way in Boycotts of Arizona over Immigration Law in Activism is by Arthur Weinreb. California plans to boycott the state of bigots The article states:

Boycotts Planned by San Francisco and Los Angeles

San Francisco was first off the mark with boycotts. When city supervisors began discussing a boycott on April 27, 2010, Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an immediate ban on travel by city employees to Arizona on business. The only exceptions are for law enforcement officers and for those who go to Arizona regarding matters of public health. The supervisors are now considering further boycotts of the businesses in the state.

On the same day that Newsom issued the travel ban, seven Los Angeles councilors proposed a boycott by that city’s government. Two councilors, Janice Hahn and Ed Reyes, will take the next three months to go through contracts signed by the city with the state of Arizona as well as Arizona businesses with a view to getting out of those contracts if possible. The councilors will also call for an end to any future contracts.

Some California state politicians also want a boycott. State Senator Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) has written Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking for information about contracts between California and Arizona or Arizona businesses, both present and proposed.

When I read about the bill my first thought was I will NEVER go to Arizona. Businesses that cater to the latin community have already noticed a drop in sales.

I understand the need to regulate immigration. I refuse to believe a civilized society cannot find a civilized way to manage immigration. The idea that America would invade other countries for lack of democracy and impose this type of "legislation" is absurd.

Arizona...a state of disgrace.

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