Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gone in 60 Seconds...Teachers Lap Dance Away Self Respect

While the lap dance only lasted a mere minute, the effects of the gyrating, thrusting, oral sex simulation and butt slapping will be far more permanent.

I mean really, how many high school students can say, " I watched my teachers grind"?

Imagine, a high school pep rally with a dance contest. Teachers are dressed in spirit of the event and are there to bust some moves. A female teacher dressed as a high school cheerleader and a male teacher, dressed as a football player decide to "bring it" on the dance floor (which is actually the high school gymnasium).

Students look on as the teaching couple straddle, strip tease and spread their "academics" for students to see. These days kids carry cell phones...With cameras. So naturally this video footage went viral within hours. Take a look...


Students watched,laughed, screamed, gasped and some even denounced the erotic dance as "wrong" when they witnessed the educational systems final attempt at reaching the youth. What is the saying? If you can't beat them join them???

Teachers are faced with challenges of educating and mentoring a technologically advanced and savvy group of young people. Teachers spend most of their days trying to compete with text messaging, cell phones and viral video (ironic in this case). New generations of teachers are working to find new ways to educate today's youth...But in what?

The line between teacher and student, adult and child are becoming blurred. More often I am seeing teachers "Facebooking" their students as if they were friends. Talking about their love lives with teens and sharing personal information. Adults cower from the new generation of youth that tend to have a more cut throat and violent approach to being told what to do. So it's understandable some dynamics between teachers and students will change, but there needs to be a core set of values in place. And those values should not include drugs, sex or rock n roll.

Some argue these teachers were trying to be cool. It used to be educators were mentors and would work to make sure young people did not amount to "nothing". The intent was for every child to be given the best in education, resources and life skills. I can't imagine what these teachers thought they were teaching. I can't imagine how simulated sex would be something students would need to learn...Part of me wonders if these teachers remembered that the students were there at all?

Either way, these two teachers have just made a mockery of themselves and the educational system they work for, all in a booty slap,a sad and pathetic lap dance. All in a minute of tasteless dry humping.

My message to these "teachers" is "I just hope it was a good for you as it was for the students..."

That sounds as wrong as it was...

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