Thursday, January 20, 2011

Octo- Mom: Foolishness

The woman we so disdainfully refer to as "Octo-Mom" is back in the news. It's a wonder she managed to remove herself from the prominent spotlight long enough to make a bottle. Last week I watched an episode of Oprah. The show was about "Octo- Mom" and her finances. Sue Orman and Oprah attempted to "help" Octo Mom by reviewing her finances and advising her on ways to make money as Octo Mom was about to lose her home.
While the masses commented on how "mean" and "rough" Sue Orman seemed to be on "Octo Mom" I marveled at the Jerry Springer like-ness of the Dr.Phil style PR job Oprah and Sue were working.

The "grilling" of Octo Mom was smoke and mirrors for the majority mindset that Octo Mom and her conduct is not worth supporting. Orman uttered sentiments that mirrored general public outcry to placate the Oprah audience. You see Octo Mom has written for help with money and instead Oprah brought her on the show. Generally Oprah does not do hand outs...Or not from her pocket anyway. Instead she endorses. An endorsement from Oprah is often the equivalent of writing a cheque.

So Oprah has Octo-Mom on and lets Sue seemingly "grill" Octo-Mom when in reality she was setting the stage for... Subtle endorsement. You see after Sue played up her outrage and interrogated Octo- Mom about her motives, her mistakes and her finances... Both Orman and Oprah began to campaign that Octo Mom get on TV, get an agent and get money for ...Her children.

I was disappointed when I saw this...Sad PR stunt. And I was insulted that Oprah was using her influence to support this lunacy and that she thought she could give me PERMISSION to think this Octo Mom situation was ok and worth supporting.


Orman's pushing to have Octo-Mom confess she has a "baby addiction" and that she would not have had the children knowing what she knows now...For all the world to TIVO and record...Was tasteless and showed disregard for the children. Like Sue and Oprah announce the children "are here now". So hashing up the OBVIOUS on tape for these kids to view is tasteless.

While it looks like Orman is giving Suleman a hard time in actuality she is making way for Oprah to come in at the end of the show and say its ok to give this woman money. It was as if Oprah and Orman were saying don't judge this woman for having 14 children she can't care for financially or emotionally, don't look down on her when you see her on TV and doing things for fame.

Fast forward to this week.

Octo-Mom does a spanking video in her home...With a grown man dressed as a baby.

Check out

How about we not judge as instructed by Oprah and Orman and we let nature take it's course. Nature says this woman cannot provide for these 14 kids in any way. Nature says she will lose her home and the children will most likely become wards of the state. And given the fact these children are high profile they will most likely end up in good homes with the media ensuring they are constantly aware of one another. Maybe even given their circumstance they will find homes that allow them to interact. And then these kids will not only have financial stability but most likely a stable home and parent.

And OctoMom can go back to late night gym sessions and spanking grown men in her home.