Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Brother Eyein' Kids???

Courtesy of Youtube

Watch as this principle watches his sixth and seventh grade students...Creepy???I think so. Anyone seen Datelines to "Catch a Predator"??? They had quite a few school teachers, officials and principles arrested on that show...

A lawsuit is in the works as parents and students from the Low Merion School District have uncovered a serious breach of trust. Students in Low Merion have found their laptop web cams may have been accessed by the school after hours.

In one instance a principle reprimanded a student for inappropriate behavior after watching the student via the web cam. The principle produced a web cam photo of the students inappropriate behavior to the student. The image was taken from the laptop web cam after school hours.

Instead of worrying about educating their students the school was focused on "watching" them. A little creepy don't ya think?

Seems like the world is at a loss of common sense these days.


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